Frequently asked questions

1. Who is eligible to request a Rainbow Library?

Any full-time staff member at a K-12 school or public library in CT, KS, MD, MO, and WA are eligible to request a Rainbow Library. All types of K-12 schools are eligible: district, magnet, charter, independent, you name it!

2. How can I request a Rainbow Library?

Complete this form to request a Rainbow Library text set. Questions? Email us at!

3. How will I get my Rainbow Library?

If you requested a Rainbow Library and were approved, your Rainbow Library will be mailed to the school or library address you entered on your application.  The package will be addressed to you, and you will be updated about the estimated arrival date.

4. Will I receive any additional resources besides books in my Rainbow Library package?

Yes!  We will include posters and additional resources with your Rainbow Library text set.

5. Can Rainbow Libraries be sent to schools or libraries outside Connecticut, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, and Washington?

Unfortunately, the Rainbow Library Community Reads Project is currently limited to schools and libraries in CT, KS, MD, MO, and WA. Check this website down the line to see if we are expanding to your state in the future!

6. Will there be subsequent Rainbow Library text sets sent out in future years?

If we secure enough funding to sustain subsequent rounds, then we will do so!  No promises yet, folks!

7. Can I make a special request for which books are in my Rainbow Library text set?

Our curation team has carefully selected the ten books in each grade range’s text selection. Unfortunately, we do not have the operational capacity to create customized packages for specific schools or libraries.

8. I work part-time at my school; can I request a Rainbow Library for my school?

Because our resources are limited, we can only send Rainbow Libraries to full-time school or library staff members.  If you are not full-time, we encourage you to persuade a full-time staff member to request a Rainbow Library for your school or library.

9. I don't work at a school, but I'm part of the Family Association or PTA.  Can I request a Rainbow Library?

At this time only full-time school or library staff members can request Rainbow Libraries, but we definitely encourage you to connect with a school staff member to make a request on behalf of your school!  Also, we’d be happy to connect with you directly to support you to get LGBTQ+ affirming texts and resources into your school’s classrooms. Email us at

10. can i get a list of the rainbow library books?

We are currently only sharing our list on case-by-case basis. Please email us at with your specific requests for the list!

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