Curricular Resources

Garden State Equality
and Make It Better for Youth

The LGBTQ+ organizations Make It Better for Youth and Garden State Equality developed LGBTQ+ affirming lesson plans that span subjects including English/Language Arts, social studies, science, math, visual/performing arts, and world languages, and currently range from 2nd through 12th grades. The resources can be accessed here.


GLSEN, the largest LGBTQ+ inclusivity education advocacy organization, has dozens of lesson plans and learning activities for grades K-12.


The Massachusetts Safe Schools
Program for LGBTQ Students

The Massachusetts Safe Schools Program offers curricular materials to help schools provide for LGBTQ-inclusive lessons. These resources range from hour-long discussions to multi-day lessons, and “help students value the contributions of LGBTQ people and understand their place in history, literature, and other fields.” A list of topics the curricular materials cover is here, and the form to request the materials is here.

The Human Rights Campaign
Welcoming Schools Program

HRC’s Welcoming Schools Program focuses specifically on building LGBTQ+ inclusivity at the elementary school level. There are dozens of elementary lesson plans on their website that cover topics such as understanding gender, supporting transgender students, and welcoming all families. These lesson plans can be accessed here.

Penguin Classroom

Penguin has learning guides for LGBTQ+ affirming texts, including Darius the Great Is Not Okay (for middle school students), among other texts. Access those here.

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